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Global product development trend analysis

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With the development of large-scale sets, appeared a series of new equipment and stand-alone.Associated with the valve model complete sets of equipment development is characterized by a large, tall parameter, high performance automation and complete sets of equipment, and the control means are adapted to.Come nearly 20 years, the control means of foreign valve also has very great progress.In addition to the general motor, electric, manual, pneumatic, hydraulic transmission, hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic linkage interlock, automatic control valves varieties continued to increase, and the trend of further development.
For example, oil refining equipment.The largest refinery 36400000 tons / year (Caribbean Virgin Islands), 30000000 tons / year (Venezuela).At present 20000000 tons / year refinery has nearly 30; the largest unit refining decompression device processing capacity reached 24000000 tons / year, catalytic cracking device achieves 8240000 tons / year, hydrogenation cracking device achieves 3200000 tons / year.Plant is large change, forcing the valve is also more and more big, the control method is also began to develop in the direction of automation.
In recent years, long distance pipeline development very fast, the main reason is the low cost, only the equivalent of railway transportation 1 / 3; two is buried in the ground, not easy to damage; the three is the pipeline construction speed, saving investment.Therefore, pipeline valves in recent years demand soars.Power generation equipment maximum unit capacity biaxial fire motor group L30 million kW, uniaxial thermal power unit in 1200000 kW, 1300000 kW the largest nuclear power unit.With the complete sets of equipment supporting the valve in the largest diameter up to 1620mm 2000mm flat gate valve, butterfly valve; the maximum path 9750mm; maximum valve diameter 3050mm, not drive the valve weight reached 184 tons; the maximum water valve diameter 2750mm, pressure up to 9MPa.
Equipment of large scale economic effect in general, one is to improve the production efficiency, reduce capital investment is two, three is to reduce raw material consumption.The annual handling capacity of 5000000 tons of oil refining equipment and 1000000 tons per ton of product is compared, investment in production capacity reduced to 50%.A 6000000 tons / year refinery and two 3000000 tons / year of the refinery, investment is only equivalent to 69% of the latter, the steel consumption of 53%, covers an area of 54%, the production cost is 75%, and the labor productivity is increased to 170%.
As a result of complete sets of equipment automation level increasing, foreign petrochemical enterprises the main production process has been realized direct digital control, some have also realized the computer control.Ethylene urea, ammonia, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and synthetic plastics and other chemical enterprises realizing itinerant detection, alarm, some enterprises have already realized automation control.
At present, more than 200000 foreign kW large generating units generally to computer control; nuclear power plant commonly used computer control; pipeline system in many countries is controlled by a computer, and a microwave communication system, master control room requires only two or three persons on duty, through the TV monitor all work.
With the various types of complete sets of equipment, process and performance improvement, foreign valve series of varieties is increasing, in recent years there has been a lot of new varieties of valves.Such as: emergency shut-off valve, rapid switch valve, fire valve, static control valve, pressure reducing valve, butterfly check valve, pressure relief valve, vacuum jacketed valve, water cooled or air cooled valve, safety valve, safety valve and so on many kinds of new valves, which in general valve ball valve, butterfly valve, flat gate valve is 20 years to develop the quickest valve variety.
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