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The new valve technology cleaner, smoother

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The traditional valves, such as butterfly valve, gate valve spool and the powder of the time there are health and flow problems.Usually all the equipment is to be placed in the hard semi-finished products bulk container (RIBC), hopper, feeder or the bin bottom, many of the parts are immersed in the powder.Powder characteristics make it difficult to smoothly flow through the valve, often occurring bridge, hole or a phenomenon.When the powder backlog in the valve on both sides do not flow occurs when the bridging phenomenon.Void is powder retention, and the intermediate retained small hole, powder from the hole out.And powder backlog, unsmooth flow of the opposite phenomenon is the torrent, unable to control the powder flow.
Cutting auxiliary device
In order to avoid the bridge and the formation of voids, in the wall of the container or hopper is additionally arranged in the vibrator or air cannon, sometimes seen in the hopper adjacent to have an operator with a hammer on one side of the hopper.Although the method of powder flow are helpful, but often make the situation worse, the production of new backlog, agglomeration or torrent.But also easy to bring the noise pollution and feeder damage.
In addition, there is a hopper dither can help to reduce the flow problem, but it is not the valve stop powder flow, and there is no instrument control flow.A design more comprehensive, with a hopper dither system should also include a blocking valve and metering equipment or feeder.But it takes more space above, more and more maintenance cost.
Conical valve
In the early 80 s, the conical valve technology enters the market, the improvement of flow advantages and some characteristics of the traditional valve.The industry one of the leading enterprises, Material Control Engineering is now Matcon, launched a comprehensive measurement, and unloading valve integration technology, evolved into today s Matcon conical valve.Conical valve inventor and founder Ivan Semenenko is this technology to the forefront of powder processing key figure.
The device includes a pneumatic tapered inner layer, at up to break the bridging role, when lowered and RIBC container seal acts as a valve.By controlling the conical valve lifter frequency can control flow.
In the 80 s, due to the emergence of many imitators and competitors to make this technology has gradually lost market.It is a traditional valve unloading machine and a transition, early equipment still has some inherent problems.Ideally, the valve should be more simple, less components, and with the powder stream segregation.However, in Matcon and some other company designs there are nearly one hundred components and powder flow contact, easy cause product contamination and cross-contamination.
Since many parts are immersed in a powder stream, the fault probability is very high, and the early design needed maintenance is also great.Another major problem is tapered layer may have a slight movement, destroyed with the RIBC nozzle seal.
New technology
18 years later, Ivan Semenenko created a new company dedicated to the study of early conical valve inherent problem.Semenenko ISL Cone-Valve spent two years to develop a new technology of taper valve, solution of the original problem.
Model design includes a tapered valve and a transfer hopper.The valve is placed in the RIBC or hopper, in RIBC orifice with the sanitary washer.At the same time a includes an expansion device and the probe transfer hopper is a part of the unloading station.When RIBC drops, expansion device vertically lifted probe to mention conical valve, so that powder can not contact the valve from the hopper through transfer, thus avoiding the valve pollution.
Semenenko simplify the design, reduce maintenance needs, component is reduced to only six.A maintenance worker takes only a few minutes to complete disassembly and removal work, while the traditional conical valve needs several hours.This new type of conical valve no mechanical parts immersed in a powder stream, no leaking, and variable flow.
For the traditional valves, whether the butterfly valve, rotary valve, iris valve or other kinds of powder flow momentum, there are great when the valve is difficult to close the phenomenon, so that the powder is continuously outflow.
Conical valve using gravity to solve this problem.Powder flow momentum on the valve to close the power, but the old conical valve at the outer edge there will be a phenomenon.
Novel conical valve in the fully closed valve, to reduce it to from the edge of only 15mm, the residual powder flow after the valve is fully closed, thereby avoiding the leakage phenomenon.
The valve uses a simple external sensors to change the cone layer lift height, and has the function of continuous adjustment, according to the specific circumstances do auxiliary adjustment, such as not easy feeding powder.
Range of application
Pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry used in the RIBC system most will adopt a conical valve.In addition to the hopper and the hopper in use, ISL conical valve technology has also recently been applied in bulk container system (FIBCs).With various bulk bag manufacturers, ISL is a conical valve technology to a broader powder processing industry.Whether it is new or old equipment user equipment, can benefit from this new technology, little changes can be installed in new conical valve components to upgrade, with new equipment to use the same effect.
Due to this simple, clean conical valve design, this equipment is suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.In addition, chemical industry and plastic industry has been using the conical valve.
New conical valve to the less maintenance, less failure, measure, closed all the requirements from the user, the fault about.
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