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How to correctly ordering

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Generally speaking, China s valve market prices relatively stable, although slightly down year, but the magnitude is very small.
Valve market main problems:
One, part of the site operator to buy no valves, print the well-known manufacturers of brand-name and certificate of qualified enterprises valve, serious harm to the reputation of.
In two, refurbished valve, operator of the waste valve paint again after the second sales, engineering quality brings serious safe hidden danger.
Therefore the choice of the most suitable for your purpose valve should be circumspect.To avoid ambiguity, of each valve should be made precise provisions.In the inquiry or order, should the need to make a comprehensive, appropriate description of valve.
Selecting the valve size must determine the connection with the valve nominal pipe size.Valve material in determining the correct valve material, it should consider the following factors:
· valve to control the fluid medium
· fluid temperature range
, to which the valve will be subjected to the pressure range
· may affect the valve climate conditions
, to which the valve will be subjected, possible extraordinary stresses
· to meet safety standards or plumbing codes
The control function of the valve.. each valve configuration has been developed to perform certain functions, don t expect a valve to be able to bear the whole pipeline system and all the functions.
Pressure temperature ratings.In order to meet the actual needs, please pay special attention to the required valve pressure temperature ratings.Special attention should be paid to the sealing material and gasket material, the material determines the valve pressure temperature ratings.According to the actual need to specify the sealing material and depositing material, to meet or exceed the actual demand.
Valves and connections.Pipeline integrity, future maintenance, corrosion factors, field assembly, weight and safety factors are decided by a valve and a pipeline connecting mode should consider factors.
Method of operation according to the valve type, size, pressure, temperature, installation of environmental factors such as the selection of the appropriate method of operation.
The valve order
When ordering, please provide the following data, to avoid unnecessary repetition and delays, ensure that the purchase of the valve is really needed its own valve.
1 valve size
2 pressure interface materials: casting materials and components.
3 types of valves: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, etc..
4 terminal connection mode, if the connection to the welding mode, but also provides a connection pipe wall thickness; if the connection flange, are to provide flange surface or finish.
5 any standard configuration of different materials: sealing material, depositing material, bolt material, etc..
6 any attachments: acid shield, locking devices, chain operation, etc..
7 manual or power actuator: please include details of requirements.
8 for ordering convenience, please make sure the specifications.
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