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With the development of market economy, market competition is intense with each passing day, the user of the product requirements are also getting higher and higher, and the after sale service requirements are also increasing, therefore seeks to Bo (Xiamen) Limited company of valve of quality management to meet the requirements of market development specially set up customer service service group, equipped with a number of full-time service personnel responsible for the processing plant products after sale services.At the same time, I plant in the quality of internal management has also made various efforts, obtained ISO9001:2000 quality certification (CQC).For this reason I plant can do:
A product dispensing, a certificate of inspection and proper use, to ensure that users can correctly use our products.
In two, I plant to ensure the factory s products are in accordance with the relevant national standards of production and testing, substandard products not manufactured.Ensure strict implementation of cash, three bags of products, strict implementation of national industrial products after sale service regulations, the factory products from the delivery date of eighteen months, in the product instructions of the normal operating conditions I plant will be responsible for and duration of good quality.
Three, users of our factory products raised objections to the quality, I plant to ensure the users received the objection after, 2 hours to deal with comments.If you need to solve, ensure 48 hours to send professional and technical service personnel to the scene, and achieve the quality problem is not solved service personnel do not leave.For every user feedback of product quality issues and treatment results of our factory will be archived.
The above three points is my factory to customer service commitment to service.Sincerely welcome customers criticism, please mention the valuable advice according to improvement.We sincerely hope to cooperate happily.
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