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1 trust your judgment, Belimo actuators (Xiamen) valve Co. Ltd. is a very powerful enterprises:
Enterprises currently main products are gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, butterfly valve, hydraulic control valve and so on more than 200 series, more than 2000 specifications, products are mainly used in China, the United States GB JB, API, ANSI, British BS, German DIN, Japan JIS, NF standard, DN15-DN2400mm (production path 1/2 "-96") pressure 0.25-42MPa (125LB-2500LB) working temperature of -60 ℃ -570 ℃, materials are mainly WCA, WCB, WCC, CF3, CF8, CF3M, CF8M etc..The valve is widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, construction, medicine, water supply and drainage and other fields.
Companies adhere to the market demand-oriented, technology and development, service mode and service concept of the introduction of advanced valve system, high performance research and development of various novel structures set up a professional, efficient service team.From pre-sale, sale and after sale each link everywhere for the sake of customers, by customers all over the world praise, the industry has a good reputation.
"All rivers run into sea, tolerance is a great", an enterprise only by constantly learning and learn more advanced ideology and culture, in order to ensure that the exuberant vitality.Belimo actuators (Xiamen) valve limited to leading technology, strict management and perfect after sale service system to bring you quality assurance.The company has a scientific management system, the senior professional and technical personnel, strong technical force, advanced manufacturing technology, fully perform various product standards issued by the state and the Ministry of machinery, perfect testing equipment, complete product specifications, delivery, customer service and perfect service, make "Belimo actuators" brand of high quality valve is always representative of the industry the.
Uphold: "everything for the user satisfaction" business philosophy, the application of new technology, new technology, new materials, and actively develop new varieties continue to provide more quality products and better service for the vast number of users, and strive to build first-class enterprises valve.
Our sales network all over the world, no matter where, can we get the most excellent service.
Ensure the quality system 2 System Science
Belimo actuators (Xiamen) valve limited company introduced the United States steel casting technology and the cast steel valve production license, product design and manufacturing and successfully used in all kinds of cast steel gate valve, globe valve, check valve.At the same time I formed a company quality assurance system.Greatly improve the level of product design and manufacturing quality, and the mass production of API, JIS and other standard valve, exports to the United States and japan.According to the domestic and foreign valve market requirements of products is more and higher quality, our company according to the international management standards established a quality system that each link in the production process in a controlled state, so as to provide better and more economic valve products for the industry.
3 Belimo actuators (Xiamen) valve Co., the company attaches great importance to cooperation company
We have attached great importance to cooperation work, has for many years and joined around the partners to maintain close and friendly cooperative relationship, to provide the best products and service, truly mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, common development and grow up together."Partner for success is the success of berry development" is one of the core concepts of important.
You are welcome to join Belimo actuators (Xiamen) valve Co., Ltd. will fully support you, provides the high quality product and the service for you, try our best to meet your requirements.
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