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First I represent Belimo actuators (Xiamen) valve Co., Ltd. welcome you to visit our website, here, I on behalf of the company for many years has been the concern and support to our company to the units and individuals, to express my sincere thanks!At the same time, the staff has been hard at their posts to work, and my most sincere wishes and greetings!

So far, Belimo actuators has been successful for many domestic and foreign large-scale user units to provide the corresponding products and services, has made remarkable achievements in the market.We always pay attention to market trends and hot market, while maintaining the advantages of traditional business at the same time, and constantly open up new business areas.In the traditional advantage of business as the cornerstone of the development, vigorously promote the new business, which quickly became the company s main business and profit growth.Our partners will also get more abundant resource support.Belimo actuators will be working closely with partners, hand in hand.The company will be as in the past to continue to provide quality products and services for all types of customers, and to listen carefully to advice, customer experience, in the future development goals continuously according to the market demand to develop the customer satisfaction and has considerable market share of the products and technology, and common progress, sincere service to the community!

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Chairman: Liao Baoku
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